5 Most Common Medical Emergencies & How To Handle Them

Medical emergencies can occur anytime to anyone. It does not discriminate on the basis of age and gender. You or your loved ones can be the victim of a trauma, even when you least expect them. Hence, it is vital to know the early signs of critical conditions. Detecting an emergency on time helps you to make the best decision. Plus, the right intervention can make the difference between life and death. This piece of writing covers five major medical emergencies you should be aware of. Contact emergency doctors near you upon experiencing the symptoms.

  • Heart Attack

Heart attack or a cardiovascular emergency comes to the top of the list. They are life-threatening; however, you can save yourself and your family by detecting its early signs. The most common symptom of cardiovascular problems is unbearable chest pain. It is due to the sudden blockage of blood supply to the heart. As a result, the victim has trouble breathing and experiences pain in the left arm.

Excessive sweating and dizziness are other key signs of a heart attack. Therefore, it is vital to seek medical help in this condition. Squeezing pressure on the heart is the first aid treatment. You can do this until you reach the hospital.

  • Seizures

When the electrical activity between the neuron cells goes out of control, the condition is called a seizure. It can cause you to behave abnormally or unconsciously. In addition, during the seizure, the person loses control of his body – some or all of the body parts start moving on their own. So it is advised not to stop them shaking for a while. When conditions come into control, it is vital to rush to emergency doctors in Mohali, Delhi, Mumbai, or other cities.

According to the research, around 1 out of 10 people in the globe experience Seizure at least once in their lifetime. Fortunately, the good news is that this victim does not require immediate medical attention. However, it doesn’t mean you can neglect it. Visit the specialist to know the root cause of the problem and get the right treatment.

  • Stroke

The next in line is “Stroke”. It occurs when the brain does not receive optimum blood, which in turn affects the oxygen supply to the neurons. There are two major reasons for this problem: bleeding in the brain & the formation of blood clots. Time plays a vital role in Stroke to save your life. If you get to the doctor sooner, chances are higher that you will get better early. On the flip side, any delay can lead you to death. Spotting the warning sign of Stroke and reaching the emergency unit at the right time can be helpful. Sudden numbness on one side of the body, including leg, arm, or face, is a brain attack warning sign. So, please do not ignore them.

  • Electric Shock

Sometimes a person accidentally comes in contact with an electric source like naked wire or switch. It leads to severe burning, especially if you would touch the high voltage source. Not just that, it can even lead to death by paralyzing your brain, paralyzing your heart. Hence, in case of shock, it is vital to remove the victim from the current carefully. Then remove tight clothing, wrap them in a blanket and lay them upside down. Finally, seek the help of the best physicians.

  • Choking

The choking occurs when an object gets stuck into the windpipe. It can also occur to children and adults. Choking can happen at any time, even while you are talking at the dining table. However, there is no need to worry until the victim coughs, as it shows that air is passing through the airways. On the other hand, emergency treatment is needed if they stop coughing and their face turns red. Try to relieve the obstruction of the respiratory tract by tilting the victim’s heads and shoulders in the forward direction. Also, strive to induce vomiting to dislodge the object, causing blocking.

Final Words

Never delay providing first aid to the patient in an emergency. Recognize the warning signs early and seek help to save their lives. Apart from this, self-care is also vital while providing first aid to victims.

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