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Fall is the ideal time to ensure that your irrigation system is strong to survive the winter. Besides, it will also give you the chance to clear out the mess after a long and hot summer.

If you own a lawn or a garden, periodic inspection and maintenance are crucial to maintaining the lawn irrigation system. Professional irrigation maintenance programs offer lawn owners the ideal services to walk the property and monitor if the sprinkler system is working properly or if any adjustments or sprinkler repair in Jacksonville are required.


It is very easy to drain your pocket on smart irrigation systems. If you are ready to welcome big sprinkler repair bills this fall, all you need to do is pay no attention to the system and its issues. The fall is a great time to prepare your sprinkler system for winter. It is crucial to keep your sprinkler systems safe and avoid potential damage as the temperature drops.

This guide can help you maintain your lawn irrigation system in a well functional condition throughout the year.

Protect the pipes

Exposed pipes are susceptible to freezing as the temperature gets colder. The leftover water in the pipes can expand and cause damages over time. Besides, it can lead to leaks as the weather gets warmer. Protect those exposed pipes to prevent them from freezing. Also, disconnect all your garden hoses that are likely to cause leaks.


Repair or replace damaged parts as required

It is crucial to fix the issues as quickly as they appear. Errors left unattended for too long can lead to more serious problems. Moreover, inadequate maintenance can make your sprinkler system difficult to use. By hiring a professional irrigation system service in Jacksonville, Florida, you can stay assured that your sprinkler system will work more effectively and smoothly for many years. A good sprinkler system company can provide you with the best advice and recommendations to help you maximize water usage and keep your greens healthy. It can be done by gradually and carefully introducing the air pressure in each zone till the whole system is not cleared. It doesn’t eliminate the possibility of shifting and ground movement during freeze cycles. But, it eliminates or reduces the risk of sprinkler system components freezing.

Ferret around for puddling

Pay attention to the wet spots in your garden. It could indicate a line break if you notice tenacious puddling, particularly if the sprinkler is switched off. It is extremely important to find out the source of the leak before the water freezes. Water freezing can cause crack expansion which may cause more damage.

Examine for leaks

Check your sprinkler system for signs of leakage. Look around for any spots that are leaking or have puddling water. Some minor leaks are easy to fix. You can tighten the connection. But, you might need to replace the lines, gaskets, or hoses if it is a major leak. However, it is ideal for getting help from a professional irrigation services company to deal with sizable leaks.

Check sprinkler heads

The sprinkler heads should work properly. Keep monitoring them for any blockages or misalignments. If you find any issue, get it fixed immediately. Watch out for water leaking from the sprinkler heads or any other spot. There shouldn’t be leaks in the irrigation systems. If ignored, the irrigation system leaks can cause more problems and costly repairs.


Monitor the backflow

Backflow preventers are usually included in almost all sprinkler systems, particularly in smart irrigation systems. These preventers are effective in protecting your drinking water supply. However, it is vital to inspect the backflow preventer during the fall to ensure it is still in working condition and maintain a smooth water flow. To prevent expensive repairs, keep inspecting the preventer once a year at least.

Take away debris

Before winter arrives, clear out the drain spouts and clean the gutters. Overflowing gutters and clogged debris are likely to divert water flow from the spot most needed. Your greens will benefit from having an appropriately working automated lawn irrigation system.

Install a rain sensor

A rain sensor is a great investment. Smart irrigation systems can improve the efficiency of your sprinkler systems. Rain is more common during the fall month. However, the sprinkler systems will automatically turn off when it rains. The rain sensor is an excellent investment, particularly if you are constantly trying to figure out when it is the right time to shut the sprinkler system off.

Winterize the irrigation system

Winterizing the irrigation system is as crucial as the plumbing. The expansion of freezing water can lead to pipes bursting. Drain the water from the system to prevent damages to the water system when it freezes. You can introduce a certain amount of air into the system after clearing out any remaining water.

Wrapping up

Follow the tips treated here and the professional advice offered by the expert landscape irrigation services company. Professional help can assist you to get the most out of your lawn sprinkler system and keep it in the best functional condition for years.

Landscape irrigation services Jacksonville has the expertise to help people with fall sprinkler maintenance services together with sprinkler system installation, maintenance, and repair.

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