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How do you keep Porcelain Tiles from Chipping when Cutting?

Customers often mistake porcelain tiles for ceramic tiles. Porcelain tiles are made of sand and clay mixture in heat and pressure; they are non-porous, denser, and more durable, and are perfect for wet rooms. They are perfect for wet rooms, rooms with heavy foot traffic, and outdoor projects. You can install porcelain tiles if you have the right tools and practice. At Best Tiles and flooring, you can get porcelain tiles Brampton of various textures, designs, and sizes.

Method of cutting porcelain tiles Brampton with a wet saw

  • Fill the wet saw tank with water. Don’t make dry cuts.
  • Try making a shallow cut of 1/8th of an inch of depth of a tile.
  • After placing the tile on the saw platform, place your tiles’ glaze side toward the blade. If the blade is at the bottom, place the tile upside down, and if the blade is at the top, put the glazed side of tiles up.
  • Push the tile slowly towards the saw after turning it on to make the cut.

After following these steps, you can cut a notch into one end and then cut the whole tile to prevent chipping. The notching steps are:

  • This time set your blade to cut through the whole thickness of the tile.
  • Turn the saw on and push the tile into the blade slowly along the shallow cut for about 1-2 inches to make the notch. For small tiles, make a 1-inch cut, for bigger make a 2-inch cut.
  • Turn the tile upside down so that the shallow cut is opposite the blade of the saw, and cut the rest of the tile to where the notch was made.

Method of cutting porcelain tiles with a tile cutter

  • Draw a straight line along which you will cut the tile.
  • Set the tile’s glazed side up against the cutter’s guide.
  • Guide the hand lever along the marked line to cut the tile.
  • Push the lever down slowly and put as little pressure as possible to break the tile into 2 pieces.
  • Get rid of the sharp edges by rubbing sponge, sandpaper, or stone.

Most likely you are DIYing the tiles cutting project, so instead of a professional cutting tool use a manual tile cutter. Use this slowly with patience and get professional neat results.

The right tools for the cutting project

  • Electric cutters: If you are planning to use electric cutters, go for Rubi DC-250 Electric cutter or DS-250 laser & level.

(a) Rubi DC-250 Electric cutter: With Superpro Diamond blade, Rubi DC-250 cutter can cut porcelain blade in a clean way with a zero-dust system making the environment safe to work in. This cutter has a water pump with it to keep the blade cool during the cutting process.

(b) DC-250 laser & level: This cutter comes with a water pump, a tank, and a 3hp motor to keep the blade cool while cutting through any hard substances such as porcelain tiles, ceramic tiles, and stones.

  • Manual cutters: Manual cutters are a lot more portable even if they come in big sizes, have a no-dust system, are cheaper, are a lot easier to set up and no water pump is needed to cut the tiles. It cuts tiles a lot faster than electric cutters so they are best for DIYer.
  • TX-Max manual cutter: This comes with a ratchet mechanism and a breaking power of 1200 kg. The user can easily increase the breaking force with the help of a trigger mechanism dispensing upon the material being cut.
  • Porcelain Tile Nippers: To use this, mark the portion of the tile which you want to cut and score the tile along the line using a manual cutter. For a straight cut, start from the corners of the waste part of a tile and hold the nipper at a slight angle.


Porcelain tiles are best for bathroom, kitchen, outdoor areas as they are non-porous, stealthy tiles and are easy to install too. Comes in various textures, sizes, buyers usually try to DIY install them. Before installing them properly, one needs to cut them efficiently to prevent chipping. For more porcelain tiles Brampton tips and tricks, join our website today.

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