What Are the Advantages of 3 Phase Auto Transformers?

Transformers are typically passive electrical devices that are used to transfer the electricity between two circuits so that it can be best-matched to the end-point of application or device. A transformer accomplishes this work through the magnetic induction between the coil.

The purpose of a traditional transformer is either to step up or step down the level of voltage requirements. There are two windings known as the primary and secondary windings which are connected magnetically only. They are electrically isolated. Auto transformers are an exception to the issue of electrical isolation. Unlike the conventional transformer, auto transformers differ in their design.

In addition, to being coupled magnetically, the primary, as well as secondary winding, are connected electrically too. This specialty in the design made auto transformers elegant and are highly preferred for a wide range of diverse applications.

Three Phase Auto Transformer

If it is considered that three single-phase transformers in which the primary and secondary windings are also connected in a specific configuration, then the transformer can be used on a three-phase supply. Such a transformer is called as three phase transformer.

Use of 3 Phase Transformer

These transformers are used for electrical power generation, distribution, transmission, and as well as for all industrial purposes. Due to many electrical advantages over single phase power, 3 phase auto transformer is also used in the railway system, marine applications, induction motors, audio system, and many more.

The major advantage of using auto transformer is when there is a drop of voltage in the distribution lines, it automatically corrects the voltage difference inside the cable. Therefore, the output voltage in the auto transformer is variable according to the need and balance the electrical power. In other words, it acts as a voltage regulator.

Economic Benefits

Due to the smaller in size as compared to the conventional transformer, 3 phase transformer needs lesser space to install. Not only that, but the material used to construct a 3 phase auto transformer is also lesser in comparison to that of the traditional transformer. Therefore, it is compact, lighter, smaller, and has low leakage reactance. As a result, the price of the auto transformer is low compared with the general transformer.

Keeping in mind the expanding demand for three phase transformer, we, at, have been continuously designing and manufacturing different size of the auto transformer. Our experienced team monitors zero tolerance to the quality compromisation. Until the company’s quality control department issues, a hundred per cent clearance on the quality issue, no single unit of product is declared as a finished good for sale.

To meet the customer’s specification for the auto transformer, our market survey team always keep a close watch and monitor on the survey data periodically to ensure that the company can always be in a position to meet the market demand. This way we have achieved the best industry standard as a manufacturer and seller too.

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