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Faux Stone is a Great Way to Cover an Eyesore Fence

You have spent hours on your garden, working to make it beautiful, but your fence is an awful eyesore. The best way to fix this is to give your fence a fresh new look. While replacing the fence entirely is an option, it can get expensive and have long construction timelines, depending on the amount of fence you are replacing. However, there is another option that is affordable and perfect for any DIYer: faux stone panels. In this article, we will discuss how easy it is to cover up your eyesore fence with faux stone.

Why Faux Stone?

There is an undeniable beauty that comes with the look of a stone or brick fence or garden wall. However, they are expensive to install, and you need to hire a mason to do the work, which often comes with lengthy construction timelines. A natural stone fence can be susceptible to the elements, too, growing moss and lichen, and bugs will try to make their home in between the stones. Without frequent maintenance to keep your fence clear of such things, your expensive natural stone fence will start to become an eyesore of its own.

That is where faux stone comes in. Faux stone and brick veneer look and feel like natural stone, but they cost a fraction of the price and can be installed by you in a weekend. They also do not chip and crack like natural stone does, so your fence will stay looking beautiful for years to come and will help increase your curb appeal and property value. As an added bonus, the term “faux” has become somewhat trendy as it is linked more with low maintenance and eco-friendly products, like faux fur and faux plants.

Faux Stone is Sustainable

Faux stone is made from polyurethane and cast from real stone to give it a more authentic look. While this might not seem eco-friendly on the surface, it is more sustainable because you are not taking natural resources from the earth, and because it lasts so long that you will not have to replace it for years, unlike natural stone that may require frequent repairs. Plus, you will not have to use harsh chemicals to keep your faux stone fence clean.

Stone Veneer is Low Maintenance

One of the biggest benefits to using stone veneer for a fence is that it is low maintenance. You have to work hard enough to keep your garden looking beautiful; why add extra work to a fence? Faux stone allows you to relax and enjoy a beautiful stone fence without having to spend hours of maintenance on it to keep it looking great. All you need to do is occasionally clean it with a power washer. It is completely waterproof, so you do not have to worry about water damage.

Faux Stone is Durable

Faux stone is much more durable than natural stone. It is impact-resistant, and things will not grow on it. They are also resistant to wind, rain, and storms. Some faux stone projects have been known to survive hurricanes.

Faux Stone is Dog Proof

If you have dogs who love to try to escape, faux stone is an excellent choice for keeping them in the yard. The stone is completely solid, so they will not be able to find any gaps or holes in the fence to aid them in sneaking out. They also will not be able to chew through the fence or dig at it until they create a weak spot. You will have the peace of mind knowing your dog should be firmly stuck in the yard.

Stone Veneer is an Excellent Privacy Fence

If you have gaps in your fence, you might be tired of your neighbors being able to peek into your yard as they pass by. Homeowners love privacy fences but buying an all new fence can be expensive. You can install faux stone on any flat surface, so it can go on right over the top of your existing fence. This will save you both time and money, and if you are a DIYer, you will have fun constructing this project. Plus, a faux stone privacy fence can increase your property value and your home’s curb appeal, which will help you when you decide to sell your home.  

Faux Stone Columns

If you already love your current fence but want to upgrade the posts between the fencing, you can use faux stone columns or pillars for that as well. It is designed to screw into the existing posts, so installing it will be a quick and easy upgrade. This is another simple DIY project that will provide an instant boost to your home’s curb appeal. You will also get to enjoy the other benefits of having faux stone that we mentioned in this article.

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