Mental and Physical health: 7 daily activities to maintain it

It is no secret that the best cure for all diseases is to maintain a healthy lifestyle in your normal daily life. You can talk a lot on the topic of health. But if you do not develop a taste for adhering to the right habits, healthy behavior, then any theoretical conversations will never have practical value. Therefore, it is important that what is said is done. To maintain a healthy lifestyle, you can develop a whole system and implement it in your life. Here is an approximate list of components that we sometimes do not pay attention to in our lives, but they are very important.

Compliance with the regime of the day and rest.

Correct organization of your working time and healthy sleep. This component is one of the most important in the life of a person who wants to have a healthy lifestyle. It allows you to keep the mind in balance and the body in good shape. A correctly planned and lived day, according to the daily rhythm, gives efficiency and a surge of vital energy. It is very important to sleep at least 7 hours a day, going to bed between 22-23 pm. It is also important to organize your working day correctly. Remember about the hours from 10 to 12 in the morning and from 16 to 18 in the evening. I is when the body’s performance reaches its peak, according to biorhythms.

Favorable communication.

The influence of the environment on a person is great, and our intentions are formed under the influence of the environment in which we live. We simply cannot afford to ignore the assessments and goals of our environment. No matter how untrue or even wild at first its views may seem to us, in the end we agree with them. 

If you live among wolves, you have to howl like a wolf. “Toxic” people in our social circle, whether we like it or not, have a detrimental effect on our self-esteem. Also it can prevent us from achieving our lofty goals.

The opportunity to realize yourself in society.

We were all children once. We all felt a state of carelessness and elation by our dreams. But as we matured, we lost this touch of spontaneity and went into rationality. Having lost the creative component of our personality, we gained the ability not to hear ourselves. Also, not to notice our needs, giving preference to what is accepted in the environment in which we arrive. To be accepted in the team is very important for our well-being. Because who wants to have the status of a black sheep !? And yet, no less important is how well you feel in this team. Can you reveal yourself in it, does this team give you the opportunity to feel at ease…

Activity, movement, exercise.

This point is the most important of all of these since it is the one that provides our body with life. There is a well-known expression on this topic: “Movement is life!” Indeed, it is so. Everything in this world consists of motion. The earth revolves around the sun, the clouds are dispersed by the wind in motion. Also, blood flows in our body in motion – there is life when there is motion. If there is no movement, then there is no life either. This means that if we stop leading an active lifestyle, our bodies will start to malfunction. You can also combine physical activity with socializing and getting along with family. For example, you can find good quality kids bikes for sale and spend the weekend cycling with your family.

Intellectual health, mental alertness.

Our intellectual health directly depends on how much our brain is involved in work. During its activity, new neural connections are formed. That allows the brain to more efficiently solve problems due to blood flow. The more often we use our brain to resolve the situation that has arisen, the more productively it will work. If our field of perception contains one routine, then the brain does not receive enough fresh impressions. We get such impressions from the world around us. Such as communication, reading books, solving non-standard difficulties, etc.

Correct breathing of fresh air.

The length of our life depends on how we breathe. There are 2 types of breathing: rapid and shallow and slow and deep. Scientists have conducted experiments. If we breathe slowly, and deeply, it can have a positive effect on our life expectancy. Thus, the oxygen entering our body will better displace the accumulated carbon dioxide. Take, for comparison, animals that breathe frequently: rabbits, guinea pigs, and other rodents. Their lifespan is not so long. And is it because they breathe fast and shallowly. Our advice to you is to take several deep breaths in the morning or in the evening. Preferably, where there is a lot of oxygen, not contaminated with smoke, bacteria, dust. You can do it right now, too. Inhale. Exhale.

Healthy, nutritious food.

Everyone knows that healthy food is one with a lot of fresh vegetables, fruits, herbs. Nuts, legumes are very good for the brain. It is not useful to eat food just before bedtime, as the body’s forces will be directed to its digestion. Not everyone can afford to eat food on the day it is prepared. This is due to the lack of time for its daily preparation. Especially if the food is prepared for one person. An excellent solution to this problem is preparing food in advance. We can also say that cooking and eating food is a special process. It is associated with the purification of consciousness and filling it with positive energy. The mood in which we cook is reflected in the quality of the food we cook. Food preparation is a very important and responsible process. Approach it very carefully in order to enjoy prepared food.


Now you have a list of all the things that you should consider to maintain mental and physical health. We hope that it will help you to achieve all your goals. Also, we hope you’ll implement at least some of them into your everyday life. We wish you prosperity and happiness.

Erika Tinkle

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