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Sheet Vinyl vs. Vinyl Tile: Which one is the best for your flooring?

For decades, vinyl flooring has been the most popular choice for people who want a durable flooring option for moist areas. Vinyl is a man-made product that consists of no organic ingredients. However, Vinyl flooring Mississauga is impervious to water damage and does not allow for mold growth. Customarily, sheet vinyl vs vinyl tile have been controlling the luxury vinyl flooring industry.

A comparative study between Sheet Vinyl vs Vinyl Tile Flooring

The two standard vinyl flooring types – sheet vinyl and vinyl tiles – are alike in composition and performance. Both composite materials have an extremely thin PVC plastic core attached to a fiberglass backing or felt layer, covered with a layer of printed design and a touch of the clear wear layer. Both are extremely thin.

Sheet vinyl is available in six or twelve-foot rolls. The installer can cut off the roll in any quantity based on your requirement. The wide width of sheet vinyl covers the flooring with a few or no veins. However, it is one of the most sought-after and effective water-resistant flooring materials.

The same material that sheet vinyl is developed with is used to develop vinyl floor tiles. The only difference is that it is cut into small square pieces and mounted one by one, adhering to the layout lines drawn on the subfloor. As a result, vinyl tile pieces are easier to install. But because there are various veins between tiles, water can still soak down the cracks and into the subfloor.

Difference between sheet vinyl and vinyl tile

The technology behind both sheet vinyl and vinyl tile is quite the same. But the method of installation is different. Both options contain a photograph placed below the wear layer. This picture gives the flooring a unique design.

Stone and wood are still the most sought-after flooring designs available in both types. But, many varieties, styles, designs, and types of vinyl tiles are available. Installing luxury vinyl tiles is ideal if you have awkward spaces or want to give your home a stunning look.


A six- to fifteen-foot-wide and three-foot-long calendar press designs sheet vinyl. This equipment is expensive, huge, and heavy. Moreover, it can only produce one style of a vinyl sheet at a time. Consequently, you can install sheet vinyl in one or two big pieces. Nevertheless, it is not a great choice for awkward areas.

You can customize vinyl tiles in smaller quantities. As a result, you can get them in personalized design and style. In addition, vinyl tiles and planks are easy for installers to cut and create varieties of patterns, shapes, and designs. Since you can cut vinyl tiles into small pieces, you can have them installed in any place and layout.

Performance & Longevity

layers of sheet vinyl flooringSheet vinyl is a less durable and sturdy flooring material. The calendar press technique results in less emphasis on precision crafting. However, sheet vinyl is prone to damage. On the contrary, vinyl floor tiles go through extreme heat and pressure. As a result, they have extremely hard and well-bounded layers that make them more resistant to wear and tear than sheet vinyl.

Vinyl sheets are kept in tightly curled rolls, which is an unavoidable flaw. However, it is prone to be tortuous. You will find curls at the damaged spots if you see old sheet vinyl flooring around the edges. The vinyl floor tiles Mississauga are kept flat. However, they will never be affected by this issue.

Vinyl floor repairs are also an issue to consider. If a particular section of your sheet vinyl flooring is damaged, you have limited fixing options. You will either need to replace the entire floor or tear off the affected section and put on a new piece of sheet. Both options are complex and expensive. On the other side, you can remove the damaged tile and replace it with the new one with vinyl tiles. You don’t need to pull up the entire flooring section.

Ecological Control

The most important element in today’s day and age is environmental impact, an area in which sheet vinyl and vinyl can be compared. By and large, sheet vinyl and vinyl tiles contain a recyclable material. Moreover, many flooring brands and high-quality tiles and flooring shops have begun to use recycled materials.

A brand-new product’s longevity is not compromised by using a limited amount of recycled material. In addition, since the amount is extremely high, vinyl flooring has a lower environmental impact than any other flooring option.


Now, this is the field where you can see a huge difference. While sheet vinyl is the cheapest and easiest option, vinyl tiles fall at the other end of the cost range. A large part of the cost difference involves installation.

Vinyl floor tiles are considered a higher quality product. They need certain preparation before installation, including an experienced flooring installer, to ensure the tiles are installed properly. However, you cannot DIY the installation process, and the professional installer services will add up on the bill. Indeed, for the investment you make, you will get a professional fitting that will not change for years. Moreover, sheet vinyl is relatively easy to install. Many homeowners prefer to DIY the process to save the expenses.

Vinyl floor tiles tend to be more expensive than sheet vinyl. But the tiles endure much use over time and are likely to be of a higher quality standard. Sheet vinyl, on the contrary, need repairs or replacement more often than vinyl tile. However, it is generally less expensive upfront. Take this point into consideration while making your decision.

Besides, high traffic spaces are not recommended for sheet vinyl. Particularly sheet vinyl is less expensive, but it is more likely to be scratched or damaged.

You can mount most vinyl options anywhere within your house based on the flooring type you choose. There are many styles and designs to choose from, so you don’t have to worry about sacrificing style for functionality or vice versa. If you have been searching for a high quality tiles and flooring shop near me, you must stop and check out your local tile showroom. Visit the store and ask about vinyl products. Find the best sheet vinyl or vinyl tile for your space, style, and budget.

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