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Advantages and Drawbacks of Luxury Vinyl Flooring
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Advantages and Disadvantages of Luxury Vinyl Flooring

What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Luxury Vinyl Flooring?

Vinyl is a viable flooring option. Understanding the benefits and drawbacks of luxury vinyl flooring will help you decide whether or not you should install it in your home.

If you want an inexpensive flooring option, the ability to customize your house, or a waterproof flooring option, vinyl flooring Pickering is a good choice. Vinyl often tends to be the most affordable flooring option. It does not feel like the original design or style. Nevertheless, it may likely add not much value to your home.

Luxury vinyl flooring: The benefits and drawbacks

Luxury vinyl flooring is among the most sought-after flooring options across the globe. Moreover, the innovation in this field has been remarkable over the past few years. Luxury vinyl’s aesthetical beauty, durability, and affordability are often compared to some of the most expensive flooring options. But as with all flooring options, vinyl floor tiles have benefits and drawbacks to consider before making the ultimate decision.

Benefits of vinyl flooring

From affordability to multiple design options, luxury vinyl flooring has many benefits. These are a few top things homeowners prefer to have vinyl flooring in their homes.


The best thing about luxury vinyl flooring is that it is much cheaper than hardwood flooring but gives a similar look. For sure, hardwood flooring is a wonderful option for any home. However, you can get hardwood options in many styles and colors. Not to mention, it is more expensive than luxury vinyl. On the other hand, luxury vinyl can mimic the same aesthetic as hardwood but in a more affordable manner. Why? Because vinyl tiles are a photograph layer of wood between the backing layer and the clear wear layer. However, the designers only need the image of your desired wood to replicate the look of real wood.

Easy Maintenance

Luxury vinyl flooring can be a great pick for homeowners who don’t want to deal with extremely complex surfaces like stone and wood. Luxury vinyl tiles have a protective wear layer. However, it doesn’t involve waxing or polishing. You can keep your vinyl flooring as new for years by simply mopping and sweeping. You can expect a minimum of ten years of use based on the thickness of the wear layer. Some vinyl options do require more work. For example, vinyl composite tiles. They are easy to maintain than other natural flooring. But you must wax and polish regularly, along with sweeping and mopping every day, to protect the floor from stains and scratches. Light mopping and sweeping can maintain luxury vinyl floors easily.

Myriad design options

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Luxury vinyl flooring is increasingly growing in popularity. Nevertheless, “vinyl flooring suppliers near me” keep offering myriad designs and color options for luxury vinyl floor tiles. Whether you want a contemporary gray or rustic farmhouse look or a weathered wood look, there are many options. Engraved patterns on luxury vinyl floor tiles can mimic the look of natural stone and wood. Unfortunately, people often mistake vinyl tile as a product that fades with use. But then again, the design is engraved on the film layer and protected by the wear layer. This protective covering protects the tiles from scuffs and scratches, including the engraved design coating against walk-off.

Installation flexibility

Luxury vinyl was once available in the glue-down form, but things have changed. You had to glue it directly to concrete subfloors or plywood. Due to its thin nature, luxury vinyl was not an ideal solution. It gave off a hard and cold feel. But today, there are myriad possibilities for floating vinyl flooring. You glue or attach floating vinyl flooring to the subfloor. Instead, laid on the top. Moreover, vinyl flooring is simpler to DIY the process. But if you lack expertise or tools, looking for experienced vinyl flooring specialists is the right choice.


Give Your Child A Safe Flooring

Drawbacks of vinyl flooring

Vinyl flooring is durable and low-maintenance, but as with any product, there are some drawbacks you should be aware of. Here is some disadvantage of vinyl flooring.

Cannot exclude damages

Luxury vinyl flooring is particularly durable but not invulnerable to damages. It is prone to getting scuffs or scratches by heavy objects. Luxury vinyl is more scratch-resistant than hardwood and easier to replace if you need to fix scratches.

Ample preparation pre-installation

Luxury vinyl is particularly sensitive. However, your subfloor may require ample preparation before installing vinyl flooring, particularly if the floor is wavy or uneven. Precisely, it cannot be easy to install engineered vinyl planks correctly on unruly subfloors. However, you will either need to add a self-leveling solution at an additional expense or choose the glue-down installation option.

Doesn’t add much value

Luxury vinyl doesn’t add value to your property, like hardwood or tile. If the value is the prime factor in your flooring choice, vinyl flooring could be a remodeling mistake. However, do not overlook this consideration during your planning phase before deciding.

Safety jeopardizes

Although vinyl flooring appears uniform and smooth, we cannot stay lax to the obvious drawbacks. And that is, vinyl flooring is more slippery than other options. However, it can lead to more falls. That’s because hard flooring doesn’t soak up moisture often. Moreover, it is likely to get more slippery in wet weather, increasing the risk of falls and skips.


Luxury vinyl flooring has advanced significantly over the past few years. As a result, it has now become the most sought-after choice for homeowners particularly. Make your best flooring choice based on the different styles of vinyl flooring and its benefits and drawbacks.

If you want durable and water-resistant flooring that calls for the least maintenance, google the best vinyl flooring suppliers near me without wasting your time. Indeed vinyl may not be the only lasting and attractive flooring option. However, get the best recommendations from professional vinyl flooring Pickering experts based on your budget and requirements before deciding.

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