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When it comes to creating web applications for your business, choosing the right web app development technology is one of the tedious jobs. This is because there are many frameworks, programming languages, and technologies available in the market for business owners or entrepreneurs.

One thing that a web app development technology must offer is efficiency, and this is something every developer requires. And Node.js is one such technology. It is an efficient cross-platform, JS runtime environment that you can use for creating effective and scalable REST APIs, mobile, and desktop applications. Besides, there are many different practices of Node.js that you can use to organize and manage Node.js apps. 

To know more about Node.js and its benefits, let’s go through this blog.

What is Node.js?

Node.js is one of the most popular cross-platform and open-source runtime environments in the market. It is built on Chrome’s V8 JavaScript engine. It enables JavaScript developers to execute the code outside of a browser. Many people have mistaken it as a framework or a programming language. But it is a runtime environment that offers event-driven and non-blocking I/O, for creating highly scalable server-side apps with the use of JavaScript.

Node.js is used for creating backend development services like web applications, mobile applications, or other APIs. Some of the top-most companies using Node.js for their websites are Netflix, Uber, PayPal, and Walmart and they can assure that Node.js has been a key differentiator in their functioning.

Top 7 Benefits of Node.js

Some of the advantages that Node.js web app development runtime environment has to offer are –

  • Speed and Performance for Web Development

The non-blocking I/O operations of this environment make it one of the speediest options in the market. This runtime environment enables the JavaScript code to run quickly and this is possible because of its sectioned-off system. But the speed and performance are also because it runs on Google’s V8 JavaScript engine. The applications of this cross-platform runtime environment are more likely to be programmed end-to-end in Javascript.

  • Active Community of JavaScript Developers

One of the JS advantages that this environment offers is active community support. The community helps other developers to avoid reinventing a bicycle. They come with various tools and decent instruments that enable the developers to accelerate the JS web development speed.

Besides, NPM (node package manager), is one of the fastest-growing software registries in the world that comes with various reusable templates and libraries. The community offers all this to every developer so that they can incorporate it all into the code to have a great value with less time and effort.

  • Easy Data Streaming

Creating a perfect software development process requires high-end I/O management. This is a process that gets difficult with a web framework that treats the requests and responses of HTTP0 as complete data objects.

And that is why Node.js is important. It is a backend development system that enables managing such I/O procedures in a better way. This process enables the users to transcode media files at the same time it is being uploaded. In addition to this, reading and writing streams to WebSockets is something that makes management of such HTTP easy.

  • Enhanced Productivity of JS Developers

One of the benefits of Node.js is that it has the ability to enhance the output of any software development project in terms of its features and libraries. Besides, it is something that enables web application developers to write code easily and use one scripting language for both client-side and server-side. It also comes with more tools that feature in improving a web development project’s rate.

As per a survey, Node.js is a backend development environment that can boost the performance of web apps by 48%. While many organizations from the US that have executed Node.js say that it has enhanced developer productivity by 68%.

  • Cost-Effectiveness

The web development process with Node.js does not require much investment. The companies who decide to use Node.js web development utilize less computing power for hosting them. And as Node.js is faster than other development frameworks, it has the capability to reduce web development costs by 56%.

  • Single-Threaded

Node.js is an environment that uses a single-thread event loop which enables it to handle various concurrent client requests without any issue. With the use of this event loop, the developers won’t have to create more threads. So, the main advantage of apps created on Node.js is that they can help in reducing resource usage and memory. In addition to this, it tries to use a very small number of threads to complete the Node.js development process and enhance its scalability under web loads.

  • Event-Driven and Asynchronous

When it comes to web development with the use of Node.js, an asynchronous & event-driven feature is something that enables the processing of a request to perform prior to the completion of the previous request. This clearly means that it permits continuous execution and doesn’t block operations without any delay.

Besides, with the use of asynchronous programming, web applications can easily perform multiple operations at a similar time. And there will be no need to wait until the completion of one operation. In addition to this, event-driven is also something that enables the execution of one function after the previous one gets fired. This can be done with the use of variables.


By far it is clear that Node JS is a perfect solution for the problems that come in the middle of creating web applications. And by looking at the Node.js advantages, one can surely say that this runtime environment has everything that a JS developer requires.

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