The need for Cat6a Plenum 1000ft cable over Cat6 Cable

The changing needs of users force the network administrators to keep updating their networks. The main thing in the process of upgrading networks is to take care of the network data cables. Check their efficiency and ability to fulfill the needs and requirements of the users. There are different types of Ethernet cables used in today’s networks like Cat6a plenum 1000ft cable and Cat5e plenum cable.

It is the responsibility of the network engineers to keep an eye on them whether they are fulfilling the user needs and demands or not. The basic need of a user from a network is high data transfer speed without any disruption. It can be achieved only by using top-quality and high-performance Ethernet cables.

Cat5e and Cat6 are able to provide quite high data transfer speeds to the networks but sometimes it is not enough for modern-day users. Therefore, network engineers need to upgrade them to Cat6a which is much faster than the older versions of the Ethernet cables.

Reasons Behind Upgrading to Cat6a Plenum 1000ft Cable: –

There are many factors that impact directly the need of upgrading the Ethernet cables of a network. Some of them are discussed below in detail.

User Data Transfer Needs: –

The data transfer needs of the users are changing over time. This forces the network engineers to upgrade their networks from time to time. Especially, the Ethernet cables used in them. The older variants of Ethernet cables like Cat5e and Cat6 are fast but not fast enough to fulfill today’s user’s needs.

Cat5e is able to provide 1Gbps data transfer speed in comparison to Cat6 10GBbps but to a limited distance of 50 meters. Cat6 can be a cable that can fulfill today’s user’s needs but its distance limitation restricts the engineers in their network administration.

Cat6a Plenum 1000ft is the cable that fits best to fulfill modern-day user needs and demands. This cable is capable of delivering data transfer speeds up to 10Gbps up to a distance of 100meters. Therefore, it is best to install in commercial networks where huge network systems are created. Similarly, it is a good option for home users who are more into online gaming and need faster data transfer Ethernet cables.

High Bandwidth Capacity: –   

Most modern-day applications run at high bandwidth. Therefore, the older variants of Ethernet cables like Cat5e and Cat6 Plenum Pure Copper Cable whose bandwidths are maximum 100MHz and 350MHz respectively are not suitable for these applications.

It is also a reason behind installing Cat6a Ethernet cable in the networks. This cable provides high bandwidth options. It is capable to run at a maximum bandwidth of 550MHz. The higher the bandwidth, the higher will be the data transfer speeds.

Cat6a Plenum 1000ft Cable Better against Interference Factors: –

The interference factors impact deeply on the performance of the Ethernet cables. Network engineers should check the location of the network thoroughly before making a decision of buying an Ethernet cable for it.

Some locations are nearby to such places where interference factors are very high such as locations nearby to high potency electrical cables or nearby to generators or any other location where electromagnetic interference is very high.

At these places, it is not a wise decision to install an older variant of Ethernet cable that is not very good against interference factors like EMI and crosstalk. It is only a waste of money. Therefore, buying a newer variant like Cat6a plenum 1000ft that is good against interference factors is a wise decision.

The Cat6a plenum cable comes in different variants. One of its variants comes with extra shielding protection. It is known as the shielded twisted pair variant. This shielding enhances the cable performance against these interference factors to a great extent. The older variant lacks this feature and performs not very well against these factors.

Installing Cat6a Plenum 1000ft Shows Long-Term Thinking: –

The installation of a newer variant of Ethernet cable allows the administrators to plan for the long term. They do not need to upgrade their networks in the upcoming years as the installed equipment and Ethernet cables will serve them proficiently.

The installation of a newer variant of Ethernet cable like Cat6a may cost much more at this time to the administrators but it saves their future cost-efficiently. If they install the lower variants of Ethernet cables right now to save money. They need to invest again in their networks in near future against its troubleshooting problems or to upgrade the network to fulfill the modern user lightning-fast data transfer needs.

Therefore, it is better to invest once rather than keep investing in it and put yourself in a hassle again and again. Bearing the onetime cost is less than the constant investing in it. This should be realized by the network engineers very quickly.

Availability: –

The availability of an Ethernet cable is another issue. With time, the older variants are getting obsolete. The best example of it is the Cat5 Ethernet cable. There are not many manufacturers who are producing Cat5 Ethernet cable anymore. If you are running your network on a Cat5 cable and you need to upgrade it now. You must opt for a higher variant that is easily available in the market. This will give you many benefits.

One of the biggest benefits is the availability of its accessories become easier for you to find like its connectors, jack plates, and others. This helps you in keeping your network running smoothly. In this scenario, the Cat6a plenum 1000ft cable is the best option to install right now. This cable fulfills the necessities of networking in near future as well.

Conclusion: –

It is important to make the right buying decisions all the time to keep your investment safe. It applies to all cases whether whatever you are buying. Similarly, Cat6a Plenum 1000ft Ethernet cable is the need of today’s and future networks. You must opt for them to install in your current networks to make your investment safe.

It will efficiently fulfill the needs and requirements of the network users as well. This helps organizations in giving better working places to their employees where they can give their best and generate positive results for them.

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