Necessity of Remote Access for Accountants.

Remote access means that an individual can operate from a geographical distance to access a computer or a network connection. Remote access is needed for the use of controlling any network when you are away from it. Basically, by not touching that system, a person can operate that from anywhere. This system is needed for the persons who are the employees of branch offices and are needed to travel or telecommute to work. This is also good for operating purposes. However, you can also use it in your own home or for any official purpose.

QuickBooks Remote Access helps the users operate the files and the other system resources on any devices or servers connected to it at any time, which helps increase employee productivity and results in better collaboration with colleagues all around the world. You can control any device from anywhere in the world; you just need access to that device.

Why has remote access become a necessity for accountants?

There are various valid reasons behind the necessity of remote access for accountants.

Elimination of Physical Boundaries

There was a time when an accountant has to keep all the records by maintaining a bookkeeping record for their clients. The work includes budgeting to forecasting, auditing, management, and many more. For each and every work, every single employee is to be appointed. Staff members like enrolled agents, auditors, tax professionals, and others are to be appointed.

For all these works very highly, skilled employees are to be needed. But, it becomes difficult for start-up accounting firms to handle their special services. Sometimes the start-up companies can’t bear the high-cost fees to the local, imported trained staff. But it is also found that people from other states or countries with a piece of good knowledge in the field of talented ones can handle the position, but due to the distance, it can be a barrier. But, by using remote access, the remote staffing companies can easily get the services of the globally trained staff even at an affordable rate.


A remote team usually shares their work through a cloud-based storage system which is more flexible and accessible for business operations. So, this brings more accessibility to your business operations.

Better Communication

This can sound weird for many that remote access is a better option for communication. It is proven that workers feel more comfortable communicating and sharing their opinions through remote access.

How do remote access strategies help in hiring employees?

The remote access strategy has given the flexibility to the organizations to hire the best candidates who have the best talent regardless of the location, remove silos, and promote their collaboration in between the teams, offices, and the different locations.

The technical support professionals can also use remote access, which will help them connect to users’ systems from different remote locations that will help them resolve their issues with the help of their systems or even software.

How accountants use Remote access for their work?

  • Remote access is used with a combination of different software, hardware, and network connection.
  • A remote-access VPNs can be used in different ways
  • It is used to connect individual users to a private networking system.
  • It is used as every user needs a VPN connection so that the clients can connect it to the private network’s VPN server.

Every computer needs to have software that helps them connect and communicate with the system or resources hosted or controlled by the organizations of the remote access services. Once the computer the user will be using is connected to the host of the remote access, it will start displaying a window with the target computer’s desktop.

What are the types of remote access?

In earlier days, modems and dial-up technologies were allowed to be used by the employees to connect their office devices with telephones which are connected to remote access servers. The devices used analog modems which were connected to dial-up networks. It is because to call some assigned telephone numbers and to make connections such as sending messages and receiving them.

There is also one popular brand: broadband, which provides remote users to the networks in businesses and the internet. These connections have a high-speed connection which helps the users to use this without any second choice. There are several types of remote access, which includes the following:

Cable broadband:

Cable broadband is used by many users, which provides bandwidth across the entire world. Like many people in one area who use this broadband, the upstream data rates can be slowed down during its high usage due to its huge subscribers.

DSL (Digital Subscriber Line):

DSL (Digital Subscriber Line) broadband is used in telephonic networks, used by broadband modem tech. This broadband provides a high-speed network. However, DSL may not be available in some restricted areas and can be used within a certain physical distance. Why is it not used in some areas? If the area doesn’t support DSL technology, then the people over there cannot use this connection.

Cellular internet services:

Cellular internet services are the simplest and easiest way to be accessed. It can be used through mobile devices via a wireless connection. This internet service can be taken from any location where a cellular network is available or present.

Satellite internet:

Satellite internet services are used in telecommunications satellites. It provides the user’s internet access in such areas where land-based internet is not available. For temporary mobile installations not available for them, this internet connection will be offered.

Fiber optics broadband technology:

Fiber optics broadband technology helps the users to transfer their data in large amounts quickly and seamlessly.

What are the protocols of remote access, and how the accountants handle it?

Some of the common protocols of remote access are: –

  • Point-to-Point Protocol (PPP): it allows the hosts to set a direct connection between the two endpoints.
  • IPsec (Internet Protocol Security): to secure the transfer of IP packets through the internet, a type of security protocol is used to allow the authentication and encryption of the services.
  • Point-to-Point Tunnelling (PPTP): it is one of the oldest protocols. It helps in implementing virtual private networks. However, as the years pass, it has proven a vulnerable type of many types of attack. Whereas this network is not very secure to use.
  • Terminal Access Controller Access Control System (TACACS): it is a type of system used in the remote authentication protocol. This allows a remote access server to check whether the user’s password is an authenticated server or not, which can be accessed to a given system or not. TACACS is used to separate the protocols according to authentication and authorization, accounting for administrator access to some network devices, such as routers and switches.


Till now, we have discussed so many things about remote access, how it works, and what are its different types. Some details about the protocols, and at the end, we discussed if it’s necessary. If you are also an accountant, then you should take the benefits of it. It is really beneficial for you, so use it in your way for better results.

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