Why App Developers Should Partner with a Content Writers

There are more than 5 million apps in all stores including App Store and Google Play. In this fiercely competitive market, every app wants to get ahead of others. Just like design and development, the content of the app is equally important to make a great impression. This is why for successful app projects app design and content marketing go hand in hand.

Content marketing plays a crucial role in the success of a mobile app. The app developers and designers should work in close collaboration to build a high-quality app with a great user experience. In the present post, we are going to explain the role of content writing for app development and design.

Understanding the role of UX writing

These days user experience (UX) writing has emerged as a crucial role. Basically, X writing takes care of the text copy for all digital interfaces including apps and websites. The UX writer helps use the right words for buttons, menus, error notifications, slider images, labels, chatbot messages, etc. The copywriting for the app or website helps guide the users in navigating a digital interface. Such copies for digital interfaces are also collectively called


An efficient UX writer is capable of writing microcopy that is really intuitive for the users. This helps maintain the tone and voice of the brand so that it can be easily understood by any user irrespective of differences corresponding to age, gender, language p, culture, ethnic identities, socio-economic background, etc.

The UX writing is largely conceptualized as a subset of the UX design. Just as the user interface (UI) designers basically work on the visual or graphic elements of the design, the UX writers focus on the copywriting that appear in bits and pieces es throughout the design.

Strategic content that fits into the design

For a digital interface like an app or website, the content plays a great role in catching the attention of the audience. This is particularly important for content-rich websites that somehow convinced the users to switch to apps for a better user experience. Now the content quality should be consistent in apps as well. Otherwise, the same audience will dump the app and prefer to interact with your brand only through a website.

This is why every app should have a clear and objectively focused content strategy that pitches the target users. When it comes to mobile app content strategies, actually have a broad array of options at your disposal. Let’s mention a few of them here below.

    • As your content and design will appear on the mobile screen, your content is likely to have less attention span and hence you need to keep the content short, crisp, and clearly understandable.
    • Mobile users are more impatient and they invest less time in understanding or deciphering what they need from the long and complicated text. So avoid large text blocks and don’t beat around the bush.
    • The content should also perfectly complement the look and feel of the app.
    • When designing the app using lorem Ipsum or dummy text should be avoided just because you cannot add subtle design elements and variations based upon the context or what is being talked about. Always use real content in design.

Copywriters should connect Developers and End Users

Developers are tech wizards and in their pursuit to create perfect functionality they often forget about the perspectives of the end-users. This is where the role of the copywriters appears to be extremely important. Just as a marketing funnel product experts may contribute little to communicate with the users, the same happens with the developers in the context of a mobile app. To fill this gap of communication we need copywriters in the team.

Developers may explain the app better to their professional colleagues but the same articulation may not be understandable to the average end-users who use apps for all sorts of purposes in their daily life. Just because features do not mean anything for the end-users unless their benefits are explained, the copywriters take the responsibility to explain the benefits to the end-users.

Great content and UX writers will only write content after making thorough research of the app so that their choice of phrases and words can convey the message clearly. They write content that is appealing, engaging, and intuitive enough to convey the meaning and generate interest in users instantly.

The close collaboration of developers, designers, and copywriters

As of now, you must have understood the importance of copywriters in an app project. Well, this is still half of the story told to you. The real magic that shapes great app user experience results from the inputs of developers, designers, and copywriters. The content is what carries the message and the design helps convey the message. Content is what guides the end-users on how to use the app for particular purposes while the developers just build features that users find useful. This is how the relationship of copywriters, designers, and developers work in shaping a perfect app product.

So, copywriting has a close link with development and design in making an app successful. This is why it is absolutely necessary for all of them to work in a closely-knit team ensuring continuous collaboration. If the developers do the core job of creating app functionalities. To shape the app for the intended user experience incorporate design elements and appropriate copy. How well you can bring this mix with the right inputs from designers, developers and copywriters will be crucial for the success of the app project.


So, copywriting has now become a crucial professional skill in the context of the app project. No development company can undermine the importance of content writers in conveying the right message to the end-users. The importance of copywriters and their close collaboration with the app designers will continue to grow in importance.

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