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Why Oil Changes Are Critical to Your Car's Lifespan

Why Oil Changes Are Critical to Your Car’s Lifespan

Car maintenance can be quite costly. From fixing dents to changing tires, many expenses come with owning a vehicle. In fact, according to Consumer Reports, the average cost for car repairs is $1,073 per year, and that doesn’t even include routine maintenance like an oil change at the best auto repair shop near me in Toronto. However, one way to save money on car maintenance and extend its lifespan is by getting an oil change every 3-5 thousand miles.

It maintains the proper lubrication and keeps your car perform at its best

Regular oiling keeps your car engine clean, cool, and properly lubricated. Without it, the parts of your car’s engine would grind against each other and wear out much faster than they should.

Cars have been around for over 100 years now, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t still new things being invented every day. One of the new inventions is synthetic oil; this oil has been designed specifically for engines today because they’ve become so much more powerful than when cars first came onto the scene. They also tend to last longer than regular oils because they’re made of better materials.

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It helps to cool engine components.

As you drive your car around town, the engine works hard to keep things running smoothly. The oil circulates through the engine, absorbing heat and keeping it from getting too hot. When the oil reaches its destination at an external cooler or radiator, depending on your car type, it releases heat into the air via evaporation before circulating back into your engine again for another cooling duty. This process helps keep temperatures under control so that your components don’t overheat and cause damage or failure later on down the road.

It removes any sludge or particles.

The third reason oil changes are important is that they’ll remove any sludge or particles accumulated in your engine.

Sludge is a byproduct of engine oil and can build up over time. When this happens, it causes damage to your car’s internal components. For example, sludge can clog up filters and restrict airflow into the combustion chamber, leading to higher emissions or reduced power output from your engine.

It improves the gas mileage of your car.

The oil in your car helps to reduce friction in the engine, which can increase gas mileage. As you drive, your engine’s pistons and other moving parts rub against each other as they go through their cycles. Clean oil reduces this friction and improves efficiency by keeping everything running smoothly. This is especially helpful when driving a manual transmission because it increases shifting speed and smoothness for better acceleration at higher speeds.

It extends the life of your engine.

Oil changes are important for your car’s longevity, but they also help extend your engine’s life.

The oil filter is one part of your vehicle that can be replaced or cleaned if you don’t have time or money to change it. The filter catches contaminants in the engine oil before they reach other parts inside the motor and cause damage. If you’re unsure whether a new filter is needed, ask someone at a local auto shop for advice. They’ll be able to tell by looking at how much dirt is on it.

Car maintenance does not have to cost you a fortune.

Regular car engine oil change saves you money down the road. The cost of a car oil change service Toronto is comparatively cheaper than an auto repair. However, keeping your car well-maintained will likely call for fewer local auto repair shop visits.

A clean and fresh filter will keep your car running more efficiently on the road. Moreover, it will offer you the best gas mileage and fewer trips to the mechanic for unexpected repairs.


Your vehicle’s engine receives wear and tear over time. With all the new technology used in today’s engines, this simply means that your car needs more tender loving care. Regular oil changes are extremely important for the life of your engine. The engine won’t last as long without proper lubrication or perform as well. The oil keeps the parts moving smoothly so they don’t grind against one another. This simple task can help extend the life of your car’s life and improve performance and fuel economy. Whether it’s time for a new engine or transmission installation, come to Fine Tuned Autos – a reasonable and hassle-free oil change service and auto repair shop near me in Toronto.

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