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When it comes to website development many frameworks, languages, and tools can be used to build a modern app. With so many options available, deciding what to learn and use can be overwhelming.

ReactJS is an open-source Javascript framework created by Facebook. It’s a declarative, efficient, and flexible tool that allows developers to create fast and scalable front-end applications. It’s also one of the most popular Javascript libraries with more than 1,300 contributors worldwide.

There are many perks of migrating to ReactJS, maybe that’s the reason why many leading companies and global brands are utilizing it to empower their web apps as a means to deliver an enhanced user experience. In this article, we are going to discuss some of these companies using ReactJS for web app development. 

Companies using React JS

1. Facebook

Facebook is, obviously, the world’s largest social network and one of the earliest adopters of React. The site has a huge user base, and any changes must be made with care. In 2012, Facebook engineers decided to rewrite their mobile app as a single-page JavaScript application to improve its speed (especially on Android). They developed ReactJS for this purpose.

Facebook uses React to make its user interface highly interactive and user-friendly. When a user comments on a post or when he/she posts something new, these actions are processed dynamically without refreshing the page. This makes the process faster and easier.

2. Instagram

One of the most popular apps in the world, Instagram, relies on ReactJS for its dynamic interface. The app itself is quite complex and needs to manage a lot of data that needs to be displayed to the user instantly. Hence it makes sense to use a technology like ReactJS which makes it easy to display only the necessary updates.

3. Netflix

Netflix is one of the leading video streaming services. This company uses ReactJS for its main website but also shows its power on mobile apps. Recently Netflix announced a new open-source tool called Gibbon. This tool allows developers to create Netflix-style interfaces that run in the browser with low latency, helping to bring its UI development in-house. It also uses React Native as its framework for native development.

4. Airbnb

Airbnb’s new design uses ReactJS as well. The engineers of this service have chosen this framework because it gives them similar advantages to working with pure JavaScript. Moreover, they used ReactJS to build their best mobile applications.

5. The New York Times

The New York Times, which is one of the biggest newspapers around the world, has been using ReactJS to offer its users the best user experience and the best performance. The newspaper has different sections, such as Business Day, Opinion, Technology, and others. All of these pages are built with ReactJS.

6. Yahoo Mail

The latest version of Yahoo Mail — with 1 billion users, the second-most popular email service in the world – was rebuilt using React. The new version has a faster page-load time, an improved UI, and better search.

In 2015, Yahoo’s front-end development team decided to abandon its monolithic YUI framework in favor of the lightweight, efficient yet powerful React. After a successful experiment with React for the new mail’s inbox view, it was decided to rewrite the entire application using Facebook’s library.

This turned out to be a great move for Yahoo. The new app is more efficient and reliable and is faster than any previous version (even though it has more functionality). It also makes it easier to add new features and facilitates collaboration between engineers.

7. Dropbox

Dropbox is another company that has migrated to React. The file-hosting service switched from plain JavaScript to React in mid-2015 and has seen several benefits.

Davidredon, a senior software engineer at Dropbox, notes that the new framework has made the Dropbox web client snappier and easier for developers to work with. React was also an easy choice because it uses the same programming language as Dropbox’s desktop client (JavaScript).

8. Codeacademy

Codeacademy is a user-friendly platform that teaches coding and programming to beginners. It has a course for beginners on React JS basics.

It starts with the fundamentals, such as components and component state, and then moves on to routing with React Router, a data flow with Flux, and using Relay, the GraphQL client.

The course also covers event handling in React JS and building a chat app.

9. Tesla

Tesla is an electric car company that has made a big splash in the world of automotive transportation. The different Tesla models are some of the best-selling EVs on the market, and the company has started to expand its range of products with things like solar panels and home batteries.

The Tesla website is a fantastic example of how excellent design and UX can be used to make a user-friendly website. The homepage is bold, clean, and beautiful – something that every eCommerce store should aspire to create.

The site uses ReactJS for many of its dynamic elements, such as scrolling animations or carousel galleries. It also helps to keep the design looking fresh and modern with lots of visual effects.

10. Reddit

Reddit was the first major site to use React.js, and that’s why the Reddit logo is painted on the ReactJS website. The initial Reddit app used to take a lot of time to load. Now, there are so many users and traffic sources that rendered Reddit slow and unusable. But with ReactJS, they managed to make their site faster than ever.

Now it loads in under a second, regardless of the number of comments


ReactJS gives any web app a flexible design and easy ability to update content. The ReactJS framework has been used by some of the biggest names in web commerce. And with a good reason: React is both practical and user-friendly, and doesn’t sacrifice performance, unlike other UI libraries. Make sure to try it out if you haven’t already!


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