How Convert JPG to DOC? – Smart Approach

Looking for a solution to convert JPG to DOC? Do you want to save multiple images directly in .doc file format? If yes, you don’t need to go anywhere, keep reading this blog. Here, you will get a step by step guide to export your images in no time.

So, let’s jump right into the solution section without further delay.

Reason to Convert JPG Image to DOC File Format

The DOC file extension refers to the Word Processing Document Format. This binary file format is Microsoft’s property and is native to Microsoft Word, the most popular word processing application from Microsoft. It is a plain text document format that can also contain hyperlinks, images, alignment, and more. The great thing about Word is that there are thousands of templates available, so it’s easy to create brochures based on templates that other people have designed. Most of the templates are very easy to use and highly customizable, allowing you to produce amazing end results.

Direct Solution to Convert JPG to DOC Format

If you want a smooth process and don’t want to take the help of other applications, then we should recommend you to stick with this software. Here, we will discuss Image Converter Software, the ideal tool to convert a large number of images directly to the document file format. The tool is designed in such a way that both professionals and beginners can use it smoothly without losing data. It is easy to use and provides a descriptive user interface. The software allows you to export multiple images to the desired file format. Using this utility, users can easily convert JPG images to DOC. The best part of this tool is that it is sufficient to convert multiple images and image converter in photo and graphic category.  So try this software to easily save images to documents in various file formats.  Before starting the conversion process, users can preview all added images and can manage page size and page orientation. This utility is compatible with Windows 7, 8, 10, 11 (32/64 bit) editions.

Apart from that, a demo version of the image file converter is also available, which allows users to export only the first 5 images. Also, you can download the software using the link provided.

Five Step Procedure to Convert JPG to DOC

  • Download and Install the Image File Converter

Download Image Converter

  • choose the Add Files / Add Folders tab to add image files

Click on Add File

  • If you want to convert the image to DOC format, select DOC for Export format

Choose Doc File

  • Select the Document Settings option. If desired, you can turn on the Create DOC for each image option

create doc file

  • The conversion process will start automatically. You can view the progress report in real time.


Highlighted Features this Software

  • A 100% guarantee is provided for the quality of documents or other images.
  • Tool to create separate DOC, DOCX, PDF files for each image
  • There is no limit to the size of the image to be converted.
  • Page settings for the export format, such as margins, page orientation, and page size.
  • Maintain correct resolution of added image files.
  • Option to move up and down to adjust the image
  • Added preview images one by one before image conversion process
  • Ability to add multiple images in one DOC, DOCX and HTML file
  • Manage page size, margins and set page orientation


Through this post, you can get a method to convert JPG to DOC. As a novice user, you may encounter some problems with manual solutions, then you can choose automated software which is easy to understand. You can check the operating capacity and functions of the app by downloading the free demo version.

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